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The story behind the hustler, the warrior, the one who has demonstrated the result of resilience. Forced to be independent at a young age, Laura developed an indestructible character that led to her lioness mentality and bold way of life. Vanity is not in her purview; She is solely focused on progressing in all areas of life; Spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially. Her life is a true testament to someone who refuses to give up despite the odds stacked against her. To God be the glory! Laura is now an entrepreneur with a billion-dollar mindset. She is a Psychology major, luxury real estate agent (brokerage coming soon), licensed notary agent, loan signing agent, federal firearms licensee, and Chief of Staff for a Private Family. Multiple streams of income (ideally solely passive) are the way to true financial success. Follow me for financial tips, self-care advice, and all things Holy.

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